ADRIA night train from Budapest to the Adriatic Sea

Direct Night Train from Budapest to Croatia’s Coast: A Journey to Split Every summer, direct night trains depart from Budapest, making their way to the picturesque coast of Croatia, specifically to the destination of Split. This year, the train consists of seven air-conditioned carriages: sleeper, couchette, and a dining car. Departing Budapest at 6:45 pm […]

Budapest by Train: Schedules, Tickets, and More

Direct Train Connections Make Budapest Easily Accessible from Prague, Ostrava, and Brno Budapest, the Hungarian capital, is a convenient travel destination from various Czech cities, including Prague, Ostrava, and Brno. However, the journey duration might seem longer than the distance suggests: 7 hours from Prague (610 km), 6 hours from Ostrava (480 km), and 4 […]

Direct Train Prague to Zurich through Germany: Train Travel Guide

By Train to Zurich – A New Route via Germany Discover a fresh travel alternative with the new direct connection from Prague to Zurich via Germany. Unlike the longstanding route through Austria, this night train offers both sleeper and couchette carriages, as well as seated compartments. The service is operated in collaboration with ÖBB and […]

Direct Train Prague to Zurich via Linz: Train Travel Guide

By Train to Zurich in 2023 Zurich, the capital of Switzerland, stands as an ideal destination for visitors seeking a blend of history, culture, and contemporary lifestyle. Wandering through the narrow streets of the old town, where Gothic and Renaissance buildings intermingle, feels like a journey back in time. Visitors can marvel at renowned architecture […]

Traveling by train to Warsaw

Train Travel to Warsaw in 2023 From the Czech Republic, the only direct train services to Warsaw are provided by České dráhy. Passengers can choose from daily connections and one overnight service. The daytime journey duration is approximately 4 hours from Bohumín, 6.5 hours from Břeclav, and 8.5 hours from Prague. The overnight train departs […]

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