Dining car – Restaurant on the train

If you’re travelling longer distances, or at breakfast, lunch or dinner time, the opportunity to have a good meal on the train is invaluable. And in the Czech Republic, you have this option on some connections, and even at the same prices as in a regular restaurant!

In the Czech Republic, dining and bistro cars are operated on Czech Railways services. Other carriers, such as Regiojet or Leo Express, offer refreshments by delivery to your seat.

Connections of the Czech Railways and their restaurants on the tracks

The long-distance connections of ČD have included dining or bistro cars operated by JLV. The menu includes breakfast, soups, main meals, desserts, soft drinks and draught beer. The prices are very reasonable and the quality is comparable to a regular restaurant in town. And the atmosphere when you’re having breakfast and watching the passing countryside in the window is epic.

The difference between a dining car and a bistro car

Dining car: it is more spacious, with more seating and a wider range of food and drink.

Bistro car: these cars have smaller facilities, fewer seats and a smaller menu. A bistro car usually occupies only half of the car, where one half is for general passengers and the other half contains the kitchen, standing and possibly seating areas.

Offer in ČD dining and bistro cars

Happy hours: Happy hours are offered when the train is in the territory of the Czech Republic, when food and beverages are served at a 40-50 percent discount.


Breakfast prices start at just under 4 euros and include baked ham and eggs, sausages, toast or a full English breakfast. Breakfast can be ordered all day until sold out and includes a hot drink (tea or coffee).


Lunch: The soups on offer include a goulash soup and one seasonal soup. Prices start from EUR 2.3. The main course menu is seasonal, but there is always a fried schnitzel with potatoes and the famous sirloin steak, which we always recommend. Prices start at just over 6 euros. Lunch can also be purchased in a discounted menu of main dish + soup, or main dish + soft drink.

Desserts and drinks

You can order a chocolate pancake, a honey cake or even cheesecake doughnuts with poppy seeds. You can also have a good coffee, water and other soft drinks.

Current menu in the dining cars of the Czech Railways

The summer menu offers, besides the classics in the form of sirloin in cream sauce and schnitzel, Cheese & Saffron Roasted Cauliflower, Shredded Pork, Gratinated Potatoes and Coleslaw, Vegetable Pasta Salad with Grana Padano Cheese and Veal with colourful pepper, lentil salad with vegetables.

Services on board Regiojet

Regiojet offers on-board refreshments on its trains. They do not operate a restaurant car as such. The offer varies (mainly in price) according to fare class. Except for the low-cost class, coffee or tea is served free of charge in all classes. Desserts, soups, main meals, salads, sushi, snacks and other small refreshments are also available. The price of these products depends on the class purchased. 

Services on board Leo Express

Leo Express also offers meals and snacks based on the fare class purchased. In addition, it also depends on the journey time you take. The menu includes breakfast, snacks, main meals, desserts and discounted menus.

Tips & Tricks

Tips & Tricks

Summer ticket from Czech railways

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