ADRIA night train from Budapest to the Adriatic Sea

Direct Night Train from Budapest to Croatia’s Coast: A Journey to Split

Every summer, direct night trains depart from Budapest, making their way to the picturesque coast of Croatia, specifically to the destination of Split. This year, the train consists of seven air-conditioned carriages: sleeper, couchette, and a dining car. Departing Budapest at 6:45 pm and arriving in Split at 9:45 am, passengers can enjoy a restful night’s sleep, arriving refreshed and ready to hit the beach. For those who prefer to stay awake, the dining car offers panoramic views, especially of the scenic landscapes around Lake Balaton.

NZ Adria
NZ 1204 ADRIABudapest-Keleti pu (18:45 - 18:59) - Budapest-Kelenföld (18:59 - 19:01) - Szekesfehervar (19:01 - 19:42) - Siofok (19:43 - 20:26) - Fonyod (20:27 - 20:59) - Balatonszentgyörgy (21:00 - 21:17) - Nagykanizsa (21:18 - 21:59) - Gyekenyes (22:01 - 22:29) - Knin (7:07 - 7:09) - Perković (8:05 - 8:16) - Kaštel Stari (9:14 - 9:15) - Split Predgradje (9:38 - 9:39) - Split (9:44)
NZ 1205 ADRIASplit (17:55) - Split Predgradje (18:00 - 18:01) - Kaštel Stari (18:34 - 18:35) - Perković (19:25 - 19:26) - Knin (20:49 - 20:51) - Gyekenyes (4:50 - 5:30) - Nagykanizsa (5:56 - 5:58) - Balatonszentgyörgy (6:41 - 6:42) - Fonyod (7:06 - 7:09) - Siofok (7:39 - 7:41) - Szekesfehervar (8:25 - 8:32) - Budapest-Kelenföld (9:16 - 9:19) - Budapest-Keleti pu (9:35)

Onboard Services

As mentioned, the train comprises seven carriages: four couchette, two sleeper, and one dining car.

Couchette Carriages: Ideal for budget travel, these are perfect for families, groups of friends, or solo travelers. They offer mixed compartments for both men and women. For female travelers who wish to benefit from the couchette’s affordability but prefer not to share with unknown men, there are limited compartments reserved exclusively for them. Prices start from 49 EUR for a berth in a six-person compartment and 59 EUR in a four-person compartment. Reserving an entire four or six-berth compartment starts from 209 EUR.

Sleeper Carriages: Tailored for trios, couples, or solo travelers who value privacy, these compartments come in three, two, or single bed configurations. Strict gender separation is maintained for solo travelers. Each compartment is equipped with a washbasin, and a shower is available for all passengers in the carriage. Adjoining compartments with connecting doors are available for larger families or couples seeking an apartment-like experience. All compartments come with complete bedding, a welcome snack in the evening, and a breakfast menu. Prices start from 64 EUR for a three-bed compartment, 79 EUR for a double, and 119 EUR for a single.

Dining Car: For those who are night owls or wish to make the most of their journey, the dining car is open throughout the train’s operation. It offers a vast selection of hot and cold meals and beverages. Breakfast options range from fried or scrambled eggs, assorted plates, sausages, croissants, to vegetable pâté with bread. Dinner choices include soups, salads, hamburgers, fish, spaghetti, and more. Desserts and a variety of beverages, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic, are also available. The full menu can be viewed on the “Budapest-Split Dining Menu.”

  • The train operates from June 9th to September 30th, departing Budapest every Tuesday, Friday, and Sunday, and from Split every Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday. This complements the night train service offered by the Slovak Railways on this route.
  • Passengers in sleeper carriages have access to the Business Lounge at Budapest-Keleti station before departure and upon arrival.
  • Payments in HUF, EUR, and credit cards are accepted onboard. Please note, pets and bicycles are not permitted on the train.
  • Tickets can be purchased at international counters of MÁV-START, GySEV, partner railways, and online at without registration. Online tickets can be printed or presented via the MÁV app.
  • Tickets bought through MÁV-START’s online system must be paid in HUF at a fixed exchange rate (1 € = 380 HUF, which may vary from your bank’s rate). This rate is also applicable at Hungarian counters where EUR is accepted.