Train Connections from Czech Republic to Switzerland

Czech Railways Launches Two Night Trains to Switzerland: A Green Travel Option

For those looking to embrace the train as an eco-friendly mode of transportation, Czech Railways has introduced two night train services to Switzerland. Both depart from Prague around the same time and similarly arrive in Zurich. However, each takes a distinct route – one through Austria and the other via Germany. The difference becomes apparent on the return journey, where the train via Germany departs from Zurich earlier and also arrives in Prague sooner. There’s also a difference in price – the connection through Austria is considerably cheaper.

The Austrian route offers the option of a sleeper carriage. Included in the train is a dining car (positioned between Prague and Linz), where passengers can order delightful meals and drinks from the JLV company. This train departs from Prague at 18:21 and arrives in Zurich at 8:20. The return journey from Zurich to Prague departs at 21:40, arriving in Prague at 10:39 the following day. Prices, including a bed, start from just under 1400 CZK.

The German route offers greater flexibility in travel options, providing sleeper, recliner, and seating carriages. As with the Austrian route, there’s a dining car on board (between Prague and Leipzig). This train departs from Prague at 18:25 and reaches Zurich by 10:08. The return trip from Zurich departs at 19:59, with the train pulling into Prague by 9:38. Prices start from 1700 CZK for a seat and from 2200 CZK for a bed.